Tri-X Replacement Filter Cartridge

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Tri-X Replacement Filter Cartridge

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This ceramic fiber cartridge filter was introduced in the 2004 Hot Spring high performance spa models. In 2006 the Tri-X became available as a replacement for the common polyester filters (aka paper filters). The unique design enables it to filter twice the water per minute than a common filter. You don’t have to clean it as often either! This filter can replace the 71825 filter in all 1990-current Hot Spring spa models, 1998-2002 Hot Spot models and all Solana X, RX, SX & TX spa models.



Disposal Instructions

When the filters have reached their usable life, you can discard the Tri-X filters in the household trash.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Tri-x filters ceramic or paper?  Tri-x filters are a high performance filter made of a ceramic like material.  They are different than the polyester filters which are commonly referred to as "paper filters".

How tall are these filters?  The Tri-x filters measure approximately 10 1/2" tall.

Are these filters marked on top with P/N 0969601?  Yes, the numbers 0969601 is embossed on the top side of the filters.

My Hot Spring spa came with Tri-x filters, can I replace them with the basic paper filters?  The filtration system and jet pump system in the Hot Spring spas with Tri-x filters are designed specifically for use with the Tri-x filters.  It is not recommended to use the basic paper filters which could cause adverse effects on the jet pump system.  On a temporary basis, 1 of the paper filters could be used on the filtration system, the gray standpipe and cap. 

Is the Tri-x 73178 filter the same as the 73250 filter?  Yes, the 73250 part number is used by the manufacturer for identifying a case quantity vs 73178 which identifies the individual unit.

What are the advantages of Tri-x filters over paper filters?  The Tri-x filters have a number of advantages over the polyester "paper" filters.  In short they have higher water flow for the jet pumps, they filter twice as much out of the water, and they are more durable allowing them to be cleaned with high pressure of water.

Can you clean the Tri-x filters in the dishwasher?  Yes, the Tri-x filters are safe to use in a high pressure water environment.  If using a dishwasher, place the filters in the dishwasher without any cleaner on them and only use the rinse cycle with no detergents. 

Do you have to use filter cleaner on Tri-x filters?  Yes, you should use a product like Freshwater Instant Filter Cleaner or a granular Freshwater Filter Cleaner on a quarterly basis.  Between chemical cleanings we recommend that you rinse the filters monthly.