SilkBalance Spa Water Care System

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hot tub have bubbles when the jets are on?  There are several things that can lead to bubbles forming in the hot tub with 2 being the most common.  First, check your pH with a test kit or test strips, a pH above 7.6 can cause foaming.  Secondly, soaps and detergents from bather swim suits or shirts can rinse off into the water and cause the foaming.  These residuals will filter out over time, but to prevent from introducing more, run an extra rinse cycle on your swim suits and shirts that you use when in the hot tub.

Is SilkBalance compatible with the FreshWater Salt System?  Yes, SilkBalance is compatible with all hot tub salt water system and can even help reduce the sanitizing load placed on these systems.

Can I use water from my water softener when filling my spa and using SilkBalance?  Yes, you can use soft water in your hot tub and with SilkBalance.  You will want to follow our guides on balancing the water and maintaining a proper calcium hardness level, usually between 25-75 ppm.

Will SilkBalance cloud my water?  SilkBalance does not cloud hot tub water.  Cloudy water is caused of other organic or inorganic matter in the water.

How long will a bottle of SilkBalance last?  SilkBalance has no official expiration date because it's shelf life far outlasts the amount of time it takes to use a full bottle.  There is also no decrease in performance of SilkBalance from the day you purchased it to when you finish using the bottle.

Where is it safe to drain a hot tub with SilkBalance in it?  SilkBalance is environmentally safe and the hot tub water can be drained through the normal sewage system or into your yard.

What sanitizers is SilkBalance compatible with?  SilkBlance is compatible with all major sanitizers in the hot tub industry including Chlorine, Bromine, and Salt Water systems.