Hot Tub Entertainment Systems

Your Hot Spring® spa is designed to provide you with a full entertainment experience. Standard features, specific to each spa collection, include state-of-the-art, multi-colored lighting and exquisite fountains and waterfalls. Optional accessories include a wireless Bluetooth® audio system and a 22” HD monitor. With our hot tub entertainment systems, you can relax as you renew your mind and restore tired muscles. Stream your favorite shows and music from the comfort of your spa. It’s like having a home media center and a wellness retreat in one.


The multicolored lighting of the Highlife Aria NXT rivals the sunset




Each Hot Spring spa collection offers lighting features specific to it, so you can illuminate your soak regardless of the model you choose. Highlife® and Highlife NXT® Collection spas are available with the Luminescence® four-zone lighting system, which allows you to set the lights to cycle through all of the colors or control the color and brightness of bar top and underwater lights in each zone.

Augment your home’s exterior lighting with the stylish, multicolored LED options for the Highlife Aria NXT
Hot Spring Limelight customizable lighting enhances any patio

Limelight® Collection spas feature the ultimate in Hot Spring interior and exterior lighting options. With multiple points of interior lighting that accent the contours of the spa shell and add ambiance, six vibrant color options, and exterior lighting that sets the scene, Limelight spas offer the height of elegance. Match colors and adjust brightness to suit your mood, day or night.

Hot Spot® Tempo®, Rhythm®, and Relay® spa models come with the Hot Spot 10-point lighting system, which lights the spa above and below the waterline. Hot Spot SX and TX models come with the multi-colored, dimmable Splendor® lighting system.

Hot Spot Tempo lighting adds warmth on cool nights




Designed for elegance, many Hot Spring spas include water features* and fountains. Highlife and Highlife NXT Collection spas come with the BellaFontana® waterfall, which creates three graceful, backlit arcs of water that can be activated with the jets on or when the spa is set to tranquility mode.

The BellaFontana water fountain for the Highlife Vanguard NXT provides fun for the whole family
The soothing Vidrio water fountain enhances the beauty of the 2017 Limelight Flash spa

Limelight Collection spas come with the signature Vidro® water feature, a broad, colorful, backlit ribbon of water to brighten your spa experience.

Hot Spot Tempo, Rhythm, and Relay models offer a lovely cascade of water to add flair to your time in the spa. Water features are soothing to watch, exciting for guests, and fun for kids.

The water fountain in the Hot Spot Relay brings your spa experience to life

*Water features are not available on Highlife Prodigy® and Jetsetter®, Limelight Bolt®, and Hot Spot SX and TX collections.

The soft mood lighting of the Highlife Vanguard NXT only adds to the quality time you spend with someone special.
The waterfall of the  Highlife Aria NXT is crystal clear and soothing
The Highlife Grandee NXT Luminescence lighting provides cool colors on a hot summer night
The Highlife Grandee NXT water feature enhances family soak time

“The Grandee spa won us over immediately...The light features are meditative and always wow our guests. We are so very happy with this purchase and have recommended this model to our friends and family.”
Review from mrsLB, Raleigh, North Carolina

“We have several friends with Hot Springs spas and they are all happy with them. At least two of them have had theirs for 10+ years. That helped us decide on the brand. We decided on the Grandee since it seats 7 comfortably and we often entertain. Everyone loves it. We often get compliments about the comfort, the size, and the lights. We get a lot of compliments on the water feature as well...”
Review from RS42, LBI, NJ




Highlife NXT



Hot Spot

Customizable Zone Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Multi-Color Lighting

Multi-Zone Lighting



Stream music from your home media system right to your spa


There are so many ways to enjoy audio entertainment with a Hot Spring spa. When you opt for a music-ready spa, you get built-in factory speakers. But if you want to up the ante on luxury, you can add a wireless Bluetooth® audio system, which allows you to connect your spa to your home entertainment system and other devices that are up to 150 feet away. Add a subwoofer, too, and you might never leave the water.

On the best models, your spa’s control panel is a cutting-edge touchscreen that can be removed from its dock to act as a remote. The water-resistant remote has a 30-foot range and not only controls your audio entertainment, but also your jets, lights, temperature, and cleaning cycle settings, as well as the spa temperature lock and heating and cooling cycle timers. The music settings allow you to play, pause, switch tracks, adjust volume, and select different input sources, including media to view on your HD monitor. Artist names and song titles are displayed while the audio system is in use, to make your listening experience as convenient as possible.

Your entire Hot Spring spa is designed to enhance your entertainment experience, as well. Whisper-quiet circulation pumps ensure that your listening is never disturbed by humming machinery, and ergonomic seats allow you to relax in total comfort while enjoying your leisure time. Whether you’re watching TV, streaming music, or listening to your playlist, a podcast, or an audiobook, Hot Spring offers the perfect listening options for you to fully customize your spa experience.


Get the whole family together to watch TV in the spa.

To enjoy live TV, stream video, and more as you relax in your hot tub or while entertaining in your backyard, add an all-weather, 22” HD wireless monitor to your spa. Our monitor offers excellent picture quality with 1080P screen resolution, tempered glass, and anti-reflective/anti-glare coating. HDMI-enabled, it connects to your in-home video sources or a streaming stick for a range of programming options. A monitor pedestal that slides under the base of the spa is included for easy mounting and installation, and a heavy-grade vinyl monitor cover (sold separately) offers additional protection and comes in a range of colors to match your spa cover.

“...Top notch service with sales, delivery and setup. Was given a thorough walk-through of all the functions, including setting up the awesome Bluetooth sound system! Platinum service!”
Review from Pam525, Grand Forks, ND.

“Deciding to purchase the HotSpring Pulse was the perfect choice for us after comparing other brands. The ACE system and Audio package has made our hot tub experience even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend both”
Review from Cs96, Southern Maryland





Our innovative remote monitoring system will provide peace of mind for spa owners who are on the go or have a spa at a second home.


Enhance your hot tub experience with these products designed specifically to go with your spa: spa side umbrellas, spa handrail, and a spa side towel tree.


With the CoolZone System, you can heat and cool the water - something that is not possible with most spas.