Hot Spring Pillow 2007 - 2013

Hot Spring Pillow - Cool Gray 2007 - 2013
Hot Spring Pillow - Warm Gray 2007 - 2013
Hot Spring Pillow 2007 - 2013

Hot Spring Pillow 2007 - 2013

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Hot Spring replacement pillow, mid 2007-2013.  Available in Cool Gray and Warm Gray.  All Hot Spring spa models. 

 Part Number Color
74317 Cool Gray
Warm Gray
Teal - Discontinued



Replacement Instructions

  1. Attach one side of the pillow to the pillow mounts.
  2. Stretch the pillow to attach the other side.


Disposal Instructions

Old pillows can be disposed of in the household trash.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this pillow fit Hot Spring models older than 2007?  No, this pillow is not backwards compatible and will not fit any Hot Spring hot tubs before mid 2007 or after 2013.

This looks similar to the Hot Spot Spas pillow, will it fit those models also?  No, the Hot Spot Spas use different types of pillows that use the same mounts but are a different size.

How does this pillow mount?  This pillow mounts to two blades or clips.  This is different than older models which mount on 2 post or nubs.

Will this pillow fit other Watkins hot tubs?  No, although Watkins Wellness does manufacture multiple hot tub brands and collections; Tiger River, Solana, Hot Spot, Limelight, and others, this pillow will only fit the Hot Spring models between mid 2007 and 2013.