31389 - Filter Standpipe Cap, 3-1/2"

Filter Standpipe Cap, 3-1/2"

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Watkins Wellness - 31389
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Installation Instructions

  1. Remove existing cap.  Turn counter clockwise.
  2. Install by threading cap.  turn clockwise until hand tight.


Disposal Instructions

Old part can be disposed of in the household trash.


Frequently Asked Questions

What hot tub models does the standpipe cap fit?  This standpipe cap is for all Hot Spring models since 1996.

What is the standpipe cap used for?  The standpipe cap attaches to the standpipe in the filter compartment and holds the filter in place.

How tight should I make the standpipe cap?  The standpipe cap just needs to be hand tight.  There are no forces causing this cap to "loosen" over time.

How can I keep the standpipe cap from getting stuck?  Applying a silicon lubricant to the threads can help reduce the chances of the standpipe cap from becoming stuck.