Ag+ Continuous Silver Ion Sanitizer

Ag+ Continuous Silver Ion Sanitizer

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Freshwater® - 71325
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Brilliantly clear, odor-free spa water

It's Easy

Quickly and easily install FreshWater AG+ sanitizer, then relax while it consistently sanitizes your water for a full 4 months.

It's Compatible

Freshwater AG+ is specially designed to use with all HotSpring® collection hot tubs, Tiger River® Spas, Hot Spot® Spas, and Solana® Spas.  Compatible with the FreshWater® III ozone system, ACE Salt Water System, and FreshWater Salt.

For Sparkling Clear Water

Ends routine usage of chlorine and bromine and restores water quality when used in conjunction with MPS*

Enhanced Bather Comfort

Reduces potential for unpleasant odor and scum lines.


*Requires a small maintenance does of non-chlorine oxidizer MPS (potassium peroxymonosulfate) and an EPA registered dichlor (Sodium-dichlor-s-triazine-trone) for initial and routine superoxidation and shock treatment.



Usage Instructions

  1. Drain and refill your spa.  Balance water per spa manufacturer guidelines.
  2. Install the FreshWater Ag+ after water is balanced.
    • Attach handle to main body to create a single device as shown
    • Remove gray cap from the standpipe
    • Drop sanitizer into filer standpipe, handle up
    • Replace gray cap from the standpipe
  3. Superoxidze the spa water with an EPA registered source of chlorine according to manufacturer's instructions to burn off contaminants and activate cartridge.
    • Add 1.5 tablespoons of dichlor to spa per 250 gallons (approximately 1000 liters).  Note: 1.5 tablespoons is approximately 3/4 oz or 24 grams.
    • Do not enter the spa if the free available chlorine residual is over 5 ppm.
  4. Run spa according to recommendations supplied to you by the manufacturer of your spa.


Disposal Instructions

After four (4) months of use, discard FreshWater Ag+ in the household trash.  Do not save the cartridge for re-use.  The cartridge is manufactured with the mineral media sealed inside.  In the unlikely event a cartridge breaks, remove it and vacuum out any media introduced into the spa.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many Ag+ Continuous Silver Ion cartridges do I need?  All Hot Spring hot tubs only require 1 Ag+ Continuous Silver Ion Sanitizer at a time.

How often should I replace the cartridge?  Your Ag+ cartridge should be replaced once every 4 months or each time the hot tub is drained and refilled, which ever is shorter.

Does this work with the Salt Water Systems?  Yes, this most certainly does.  This is a great way to reduce the chlorine consumption which could reduce the output value on your ACE Salt Water System and FreshWater Salt.

What does Ag+ stand for?  Ag stands for Silver.  The "+" is that this is a positively charged Silver Ion.

Does this come in retail packaging or a shipping envelope?  This item is purchased in both variants.  They are both new and contain all relevant manuals.  The only difference is the mailer envelope is easier to ship.

Can you use this with Bromine?  No, this product must be used with a chlorine based system.

Can you use this with a Biguanide (Non-chlorine) system?  No, this product must be used with a chlorine based system.