Freshwater Spa Salt | 10 lbs | My Hot Spring
Freshwater Spa Salt 2-Pack | 10 lbs | My Hot Spring
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Usage Instructions

  1. Test the hot tub water with the Freshwater Salt Test Strips to get you current salt level.
  2. While running the jets, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Freshwater Spa Salt in the filter compartment waiting 30 minutes between each dose
  3. Stop when you have added the desired amount of Freshwater Spa Salt or you are no longer receiving a low Salt error.


Disposal Instructions

Unused Freshwater Spa Salt can be dissolved in tap water and poured down the a drain.  The bag the Freshwater Spa Salt comes in can be discarded in the household trash.


Frequently Asked Questions

How good of a sanitizer is the Freshwater Spa Salt?  The salt in a salt water hot tub is not sanitizing the hot tub.  Instead, the salt is used by an electronic device like the ACE Salt Water System or Freshwater Salt System to generate chlorine that is used to sanitize the hot tub.

Is there anything else I need to do weekly with my Hot Spring?  Yes, you will want to test your hot tub water using Freshwater Test Strips to adjust you Salt System output and balance other readings like pH, Alkalinity, and Hardness.

Does this work with the Salt Water Systems?  Yes, the Freshwater Spa Salt is intended for use with hot tub Salt Water Systems.

What is the difference between Freshwater Spa Salt and table salt?  Fundamentally Freshwater Spa Salt and table salt are both NaCl.  The difference mainly false on the grain size and the ease of dissolving the Freshwater Spa Salt in the water.

Can you use this with Bromine?  No, this product must be used with a chlorine based salt system.

Can you use this instead of Chlorine?  Yes/No, this product is what hot tub Salt Systems use to generate chlorine.  The need for Freshwater Granular Chlorine is dependent on your water chemistry and how well your salt system is functioning.