Vanishing Act® Calcium Remover

FreshWater Vanishing Acy Calcium Remover
80100 - FreshWater Vanishing Act Calcium Remover
80101 - FreshWater Vanishing Act XL

Vanishing Act® Calcium Remover

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Create a softer, more enjoyable soaking experience.  Help prolong the life of your hot tub and extend the amount of time between water changes.  Use less water!

Soften hard water without chemical additives by using the Vanishing Act calcium remover. Softer water leaves your skin feel silkier as it helps protect your spa components from the damaging effects of hard water. For areas with extreme hard eater, use the Vanishing XL with 3 times the calcium reduction power of the standard Vanishing Act.



Usage Instructions

  1. After refilling your spa.  Use Test Strips to measure the calcium level in your hot tub.  Proceed to step 2 if the reading is outside of the recommended range.
  2. Rinse the Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow with water until the water that runs through turns clear.
    • Position the pillow on the heater return or the circulation pump inlet
      • Rotate the pillow after 12 hours
      • Remove the pillow after a minimum of 24 hours.
    • Retest the spa water to confirm that the calcium level has lowered to an acceptable range.


    Disposal Instructions

    After use, discard Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow in the household trash.  Do not save the pillow for re-use.  The pillow is manufactured with a resin material sealed inside.  In the unlikely event a pillow breaks, remove it and vacuum out any media introduced into the spa.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Water turned to a tea color after using this product, how can I make it clear again?  In the unlikely event that the pillow was rinsed thoroughly before use and the water still turned, clean filters daily until all contaminates are filtered out.

    My calcium hardness is still too high after using the Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow?  In areas of extremely high calcium levels, it may require multiple regular sized pillows to be used or the Vanishing Act XL.

    Can the Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow be used more than once?  No, after the Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow is used it should be properly disposed of.

    How often should I use Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow?  Any time your Test Strips show your calcium levels are too high.  There are 2 primary scenarios to cause your calcium levels to get too high.  First is on a fresh fill of the hot tub, if your source water has high hardness your hot tub water will also.  Second is gradually over time because of topping off the water in the hot tub or being introduced by certain water care products.

    Is this machine washable?  No, after the Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow is used it should be properly disposed of.

    My Vanishing Act was wet in the bag, does that mean it has already been used?  No, the Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow may be wet due to the manufacturing process.  You can rinse the pillow and continue to use it like normal.

    How can I clean it?  The Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow should be rinsed using your tap water until the water coming from the pillow turns clear.

    Is this just for Salt Water hot tubs?  No, the Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow should be anytime the calcium levels are above the recommended range.

    Is Vanishing Act 80100 and 80101 the same product as 76029 and 76536?  Yes, the only differences between the old sku numbers, 76029 and 76536, and the new ones, 80100 and 80101, are the packaging they come in.

    Can I close the hot tub while using the Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow?  Yes.  Some hot tub water care products require the hot tub cover to remain open after application.  However, the hot tub cover can be closed while using Vanishing Act Calcium Pillow with no harm to your hot tub cover, shell, or plumbing.