ACE Cell Cleaner
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This single-use cell cleaner is designed to make cleaning your ACE cell easy.  You can place the ACE cell directly into this bottle to clean it.  This bottle contains the precise amount of cell cleaner needed for a single cell cleaning, and has enough room to also hold the ACE cell without causing the cell cleaning solution to overflow.

Visually inspect your ACE cell for scale monthly and clean anytime scale is visible through the holes at the bottom of your ACE cell.  We recommend cleaning your cell a minimum of one every 3 months.  To reduce the need for cleaning keep the hardness level of your spa water at or below 50 ppm at all times.  Use of the Vanishing Act calcium hardness remover will help keep hardness levels low.



Usage Instructions

It is recommended that protective gloves and eyewear is worn while handling chemicals

  1. Power off the hot tub by turning off the beakers at the electrical subpanel box near the hot tub.  The ACE Salt Cell should not be removed from water or placed into the Cell Cleaner product unless power is turned off to the hot tub.
  2. Remove the ACE Cell from the hot tub.
    • Open the hot tub cover
    • Remove the filter lid
    • Unthread the gray cap which the white cord of the ACE Cell passes through
    • Gently lift the ACE Cell out of the gray standpipe
  3. Clean the ACE Cell
    • Place Cell Cleaner on solid surface near ACE Cell.  The spa step is a good place to work.
    • Carefully place ACE Cell in the Cell Cleaner solution bottle
    • Let ACE Cell Soak until no more bubbles are coming from the ACE Cell and for at least 10 minutes and no more than 12 hours.  NOTE: Close spa cover whenever leaving the hot tub unattended during cleaning.
    • Remove ACE Cell from Cell Cleaner bottle making sure not to spill or drip any of the cell cleaner solution.  NOTE: Rinse any drips or spills of the cell cleaner solution immediately to prevent damage or harm.
    • Rinse the ACE Cell in with water
    • Inspect the ACE Cell for any visible scale build up or damage.  Repeat cleaning as necessary.
  4. Install ACE Cell in the filter standpipe
      1. Insert into the gray filter standpipe
      2. Screw on gray cap
      3. Replace filter lid
    • Power on the hot tub according instructions in the Owner's Manual
    • Properly dispose of the Cell Cleaner using the disposal instructions below 


    Disposal Instructions

    The ACE Cell Cleaner solution will need neutralized after cleaning the ACE Cell or when needing to dispose of unused product.  To neutralize the cell cleaning solution, slowly add 1/4 cup of FreshWater pH Up or 1 teaspoon baking soda at a time until the cell cleaner solution stops fizzing.  Pour the neutralized solution down the drain rinsing with water after pouring the neutralized solution.  The plastic bottle can be discarded in your household trash.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many times can I reuse the ACE Cell Cleaner?  The ACE Cell Cleaner solution is designed as a single use product that is properly disposed of after the 1 use..

    How often should I clean my ACE Cell with ACE Cell Cleaner?  Clean your cell as needed and no less than once every 3 months.  It is recommended that you check the ACE Cell monthly for any scale build up or blockage and clean if any exists.

    Does this work with the FreshWater Salt Cartridges?  Yes, however it is not necessary to use this solution on the FreshWater Salt Cartridges.  The FreshWater Salt Cartridge is designed to be disposed of every 4 months without the need for cleaning.